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The rehab therapists are excellent, showing concern and motivating people to be their best.

Laurie C.

I’ve had a great experience with the staff here. They are very caring toward my family member and have made some helpful changes recently.

Emily F.

I first visited this facility in May. I then came back a month later and I have noticed a dramatic change. The staff is friendly and the facility seems brighter. They have made some positive changes.

Tanner P.

This place has made dramatic changes in the last month and a half. When I fist walked into the facility, it didn’t feel like home. Now with new management the place is more bright and welcoming. There is new staff that have helped with place tremendously. Very friendly staff that seem happy to help the residents and make the place feel more like home.

Alyssa D.

A family member is a resident at Lowry Hills Care. The changes i have noticed in the past month or two have been out of this world. Staff are warm and welcoming with all of their interactions i have seen with my family member and other residents. the management team is involved with all of the treatment as well as making the building feel more like a home environment. I absolutely love the things i have seen lately and feel very secure having my family member in their hands. Their jobs are extremely trying at times but they handle themselves professionally and with compassion.
Thank you Lowry Hills Staff for everything you do.

Mike B.

Therapy department is great with assisting resident to become independent. Management team is really doing a great job to making positive changes!!
Jennifer S.

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